Saturday, June 16, 2007

Silk painting

Day 1 of Christine Zoller's silk painting class. This is tons of fun. First we built a frame to hold the silk scarf. After attaching the scarf we used gutta to draw a design on the silk. Then silk paint to fill in the shapes on the scarf. I chose a design that I have used in my quilts in the past, figuring I didn't want to spend a lot of time figuring out what to draw. Some of the shapes had salt sprinkled on and it makes a great design in the paint. For the border I dabbed on various colors of paint then dabbed water on which makes the paint migrate with interesting effects.

For this piece I laid the scarf directly on the table, spread paint, then sprinkled with salt and let dry. It's going to be a background for more design.

On the border of the first scarf some pieces of salt accidentally fell onto the paint and made it spread and since I really liked what that looked like, decided to do an entire scarf that way. With two yellows, two browns, a bronzey gold, and a red I dabbed paint on, then dabbed water, then sprinkled salt. This is still in the process of drying but it looks pretty cool already.

More exciting stuff tomorrow.


Rayna said...

Nice piece of silk, Cathy. I'd recognize that first one anywhere.
Have a great time with Kerr - she is the best! Look forward to reading about your further adventures.

Gerrie said...

Yummm! Love to do silk painting. You are whetting my appetite to get in to the studio. What brand of paint are you using.

Cathy Kleeman said...

Gerrie - we used Setasilk paint in class. It's very thin so it spreads easily on silk but it's got lots of pigment so the color is wonderful.